Wreckfest review

Most of the cars at Wreckfest look like they were pulled from a junkyard and spray-painted to hide the rust. The only thing that matters here is that the car goes fast and can beat other cars. Aggressive driving is the purpose of Wreckfest, with many relying on highlight mechanics with racetracks full of upturned cars, piles and debris that trashes the track. Developer Bugbear Entertainment turns chaos into an exciting game that makes almost every event at Wreckfest a heartbreaking pleasure to play.

Instead of making clean turns, part of your strategy includes deciding how much you need your front bumper because a good, hard hit against your opponents can send them into the ditch or better yet turn them upside down. Wreckfest lives up to its name in most racing events, and computer-controlled opponents are just as evil as you are.

Wreckfest review

Many of Wreckfest’s pieces appear to have been designed with disastrous consequences in mind. The direct roads are narrow, meaning cars rub around only out of necessity when navigating these areas, and the turns are often narrow or filled with piles of tires that cars can crash into.

Originating as a spiritual sequel to Bugbear’s famous Flatout series, Wreckfest also includes Derby encounters that pit you against other vehicles. Like Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, the goal of these challenges is to be the last car that can still run. As fun as it is to see 24 cars crash into each other to kick off an event, Derby matches force you to drive in different ways, especially in reverse to protect your engine.

In all events, damage is permanent and a handy on-screen indicator shows you exactly what shape your car is in, meaning you may need to adopt a protective stance to finish a race. Again, you play this game differently from other races, but your goal is to also finish first.

Wreckfest gameplay

The driving mechanics are perfectly implemented for the cars, and the upgrades you can give them can be felt the next time you hit the track. The same cannot be said for specialized vehicles (like lawnmowers, combines, and RVs). Given their reduced speed, awkward handling, or ear-piercing engine noise, I didn’t much prefer them. These vehicles are fun in concept and add a nice distraction to a challenge here and there, but the real stars of the game are the big, powerful cars you spend the most time with and can give different paint colors and looks.

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Wreckfest doesn’t have much of a career structure. To unlock new challenges, simply play the current one and score well enough to earn the points needed to unlock the next challenge or event stage. Money earned along the way can be used to buy new rides with fun and powerful monsters to stand up to the competition. It may not have career depth, but it works well in terms of showing the player everything this game has to offer. The online game offers almost every race or event you’ll find in chapters, but still doesn’t offer much other than that.

The video game market is full of racing simulations, and it’s good to see quirks like Wreckfest that do the opposite. Why race on a clean road when you can race dirty? If that sounds fun to you, you won’t go wrong by opting for this aggressive racing experience.

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