Xbox Series X Unveiled at Xperion Launch Event!

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Microsoft company is preparing to present the new generation game console to game lovers. The company launches the next generation game console Xbox Series X named it. Sony PlayStation 5expected to rival Xbox Series Xappeared with its prototype in the past period. However, after that date, no information or image about the game console could be obtained. But soon, the firm will launch Xbox Series X The new generation game console named was displayed at an event.

Where Was Xbox Series X Viewed?

People who are curious about the next generation game consoles, what they know from the prototype Xbox Series XHe began to wonder about the technical characteristics of . The game console was introduced with its own image, not with its photos. Microsoft, Germanyheld in Xperion exhibited a new generation game console at the event. The new generation console was presented to the game lovers in the prepared glass box. The new generation game console exhibited in the event hall with protection measures, Xperion It also managed to attract the attention of the participants in the event. It was noteworthy that the console was the size of a computer case. In addition, thanks to the game lovers who participated in the event, the pictures of the console spread on the internet. Thus, those who were wondering how the console was, were satisfied with the visuals.

11858 technical support

Remarkable Features Announced on Xbox Series X!

Microsoft firm, new generation Xbox Series X curious and remarkable features of the game console March (2020) shared in. In the company’s share, the console 8-corethe one with Zen 2 will use the processor and 6GB GDDR6 RAMIt was announced that he would have In addition, if the storage capacity of the console is 1TB would be announced. In addition, the console 4K It was stated that it would make it possible to play games in resolution quality. While curiosity about the console increased after this sharing, the emergence of the first images of the console caused people to eagerly wait for the release date.

When Will Xbox Series X Be Released?

Microsoft, Xbox Series X It has not announced a clear date for when it will release its console. However, there are also rumors that the company will release the console by the end of the year (2020).

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