Xiaomi Black Shark Fun Cooler Pro Review

11858 technical support

Hi dear TechnoSupport followers, in this article for you Xiaomi‘s smartphone cooler to be sold in our country Fun Cooler ProWe will examine .

device AliExpress over 220 TLWe bought it at a price of approx. 26 It reached us during the day without any customs problems, and we will let you know our opinions after 1 month of use.

For the previous smartphone cooler review baseus trademark Magic Monster We have examined the model, you can click here to reach this article.

Device as box contents 1 Piece USB-C Cable at one end , User Guide And a QR Code Card appears for us to download the application for the device.

Device 5W Suitable for use with power, 1 piece if any power bank or you can use it by connecting it to your existing phone.

belonging to the product Heat its value and RGB To manage the lighting panel, Shark Arsenal We need to download the app.

Shark Arsenal app Play StoreIt is not available in .

The device is a very professional product , no matter how much you use your phone , the processor continues to work without getting tired , without losing performance and FPS in the games you play .


In order to manage the device through the application, the Bluetooth must be in working condition, if the power supply with a built-in Bluetooth chip is active, it will be activated by itself, there is no pairing setting.

After that ‘Shark Arsenal’ Let’s log into the application.

After logging in, let’s choose our device from the list of products.

11858 technical support

After choosing, the panel where we can manage the cooling mode and rpg lighting part of the product will open, there are 2 modes named Frozen and Freeze on this panel, I use it in frozen mode. There is a more effective cooling system, it goes down to 4-5 degrees according to the ambient temperature.

You can reach the RGB panel by clicking the arrow icon next to the Fun Cooler Pro text on the screen. In this menu, we will see many settings where we can manage the lighting settings of the device.

There are many mods in this menu where you can use the lighting option that you like, they all look great, and new ones are added to these mods as the device receives software updates. Click on the ‘Me’ tab at the bottom of the device menu and open the menu on the screen. ‘Check For Updates’ You can check for device updates by clicking .

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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