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Youtube is getting ready to come with two new features!

Youtube, which has been in our lives for many years as a video watching platform, is getting ready to come with two new features.

Youtube is getting ready to come with two new features!

One of the most used social media platforms, Youtube has millions of users. The platform is now being prepared to bring new features to its body. These new features are on YouTube health related content It will be easier for those who want to reach.

Popular platform YouTube, health resource information panels and health content shelf It comes with new features. These two features, which were first tested and made available in the USA last year, are now bringing these two features to its users in India, Brazil and Japan. According to the information received, the company plans to activate the new features for other countries in the coming months.

In the health resource panel, which is the first of these features, to authorized sources It is stated that there will be videos of Because of this information, the videos here are more Trustworthy We understand that. In addition, it is known that in the videos there will be a badge and a short description indicating that it came from a hospital or medical institute.

On the subject, YouTube Director and Head of Global Health Services Dr. Garth Graha made a statement. In his statement, he used the following sentences: When you search for specific health topics, viewers can see more videos in these resources. effectively We add health resource information panels to videos to help them identify videos from authoritative sources and shelves of health content that feature them. These context tips are intended to help people navigate more easily and evaluate reliable health information. People will still be able to find relevant videos from a number of channels in their search results.

The second new feature, the health content shelf, is in health-related searches. at the top appears as a new section. For example, when users search for the term “breast cancer” with this new feature, they will see a vertically scrollable feed at the top. A new video featuring videos from trusted health sources. “From health resources” section is accessible. Also, users will still see relevant videos from other sources. But these videos will be under the health shelf.

So what do you think about these new features? Also, are you using the Youtube platform? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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