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YouTube Removed 1 Million Videos! Here are the details

The popular video watching platform YouTube made a move that shocked its users. The platform took a new decision for 1 million videos and removed the videos. In addition, the relevant authorities made a statement. YouTube Removed 1 Million Videos! Here are the details

YouTube Removed 1 Million Videos! Here are the details

aMonthly from 2 billion more has the user The giant video watching platform YouTube has come up with an unexpected decision. Platform, 1 million YouTube videos decided to take it down. According to the incoming information, what is known for certain is that the platform has been grappling with different types of misinformation for years. conspiracy theories, discrimination; hatred and abuse, child abuse and exploitation, or mass murder videos are on the platform. But why this latest decision of the company?

Chief Product Officer of YouTube Neal Mohan a blog shared the post. In the article in question, YouTube has been around since February 2020. wrong treatments or a fake He wrote that he removed dangerous coronavirus content such as claims. For this reason, the platform deleted 1 million content related to these issues from the platform. The specified number is the total number of videos the company has removed from the start of the pandemic to this time. is doubling. Last January, the platform, Misinformation about COVID-19 He had removed more than 500,000 videos because of it. But it does not reveal the total number of videos uploaded to the platform library.

Also, YouTube fifteen bears including total video removal statisticsDidn’t update n. Additionally, Mohan says YouTube is mostly around every quarter. about 10 million He added that he removed the video.

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