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YouTube Shorts Are Coming! 100 Million Dollar Investment

With the pandemic period, the rate of orientation to the already popular social media has increased. People spend time at home with social media applications from their smart devices. The success of the TikTok application made other rival companies jealous; companies have started to bring new features to their applications. Instagram for competition reels When announcing the feature named YouTube, Shorts It aimed to attract users. YouTube Shorts Are Coming! 100 Million Dollar Investment

YouTube Shorts Are Coming! 100 Million Dollar Investment

Looking to win cross-app competition YouTube, started to make new decisions with content producers. Also popular video content platform 100 million dollars created a resource.

In line with their statement from their official blog site YouTube, Shorts announced that it will reward people who produce content for According to the said announcement, people who produce original content for the platform, 100 million dollars with the backdrop 2021–2022 will be awarded between

The company will not impose any conditions in the conditions of participation. Moreover YouTube Shorts Everyone who produces content for the program has the opportunity to be included in the program. To content producers on the platform in the last 3 years from 30 billion dollars announcing that they overpaid YouTube, He said that they will continue to support new mobile content.

The company made a statement YouTube in the app and on the website shorts He gave the information that he will keep his player wider. Also coming soon It will also start showing ads. However, there was no explanation about how these ads will look. Company; will make changes based on comments from users and creators.

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