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Youtube Will Not Allow Watching Every Video!

Youtube, the video watching platform that has been in our lives since 2005, shocked its users. According to the information received, Youtube will not allow watching every video.

Youtube Will Not Allow Watching Every Video!

Popular video streaming platform Youtube is implementing a new policy. As a result of this policy watch limit on some videos brings. Videos shared live on the platform will no longer be able to be watched without subscribing to the channel. In recent weeks, YouTube viewers have seen a new “video not availableThey encounter the error. According to YouTube, this video you want to watch has become popular in a short time, so it is not possible to watch it without a subscription.

According to the platform, the company will officially launch in September 2021. with live broadcasts from mobile introduced a new policy. Prior to this change, a user could not broadcast from a mobile device without having at least one bone. The change to this policy allowed anyone with a channel to stream live from their mobile device with some “limitations”. One of these limitations is prevent abuse and those who want to spread harmful content quickly restrict to keep viewers on small channels.

A YouTube spokesperson said, “We are always exploring new ways to allow creators to use more features while keeping our community safe.” said. The platform, which wants to help low-subscriber content creators, strives to prevent abuse of live broadcasts. But the incoming warning message is unclear for now. It’s not clear how long a user will be blocked from watching the video. Even if you subscribe to the channel after receiving the warning, this does not mean that you will watch the video immediately.

So what do you think about this issue? Also, are you using the Youtube platform? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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