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Zoom Avatars Feature Is Available!

Videoconference platform Zoom is here with a new feature. With the incoming update, the Zoom Avatars feature was made available.

Zoom Avatars Feature Is Available!

The platform, which is especially popular with the arrival of the pandemic, brought a new feature to Zoom. People using the platform sometimes do not want to open the camera and be seen. However, this obscures the sense of reality. Zoom also brought its own Avatars for the platform to prevent this situation.

Avatars of the platform are based on face only, just like social media filters. When using the feature, the entire background will disappear and the person’s face will be selected. to the Avatar of the farm animal will turn into. for now only 11 pieces The feature, which is active in farm animals, is expected to increase its number in the future. In addition, Avatars will simultaneously follow and imitate facial expressions using the camera. The company stated that this feature recognizes the sensory organs on the face in order to have a perception of reality.

In order to use the new feature of Zoom, it is necessary to first update the application. After the update is done, you should do the following steps; Zoom Preferences > Background & Effects > Settings > Avatar selection.

In addition, the new feature is currently only available on iOS devices. However, it is expected to come to Android in a short time.

So what do you think about this feature? Also, are you using the Zoom platform? Are you considering using the new feature? In addition, you can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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